We have tried our best in gathering information and putting it on web. We do not claim to have complete or accurate information with us. If you have any valuable information to provide us with then, kindly contact us. If you are a part of the vyas family and your name is not in the family tree we request you to send us your name, family information, residence address, e-mail address, telephone number along with a passport or stamp size photograph so that we can add it in the family tree.


The book Vyasroots was created on 20/11/2008 and was given to those Idhar Vyas family members whose address we knew. After 20/11/2008 we received a lot of new information from Idhar Vyas family members which we have kept in this web site. If there are any changes which you wish to make in this web site we request you to contact us.


Knowingly or unknowingly if sentiments or feelings of any person of Idhar Vyas family is hurt or felt offended then, we request for apology as our intention is not to hurt any individual or any particular family but to bring in light the rich and prestigious history that our family shares.


This website contains important articles, research and other materials written by me (Dr. Gaurav A. Vyas) as well as from different websites and people from all over the world. We do not claim those articles, reseach and other materials to be of us. I have used their knowledge given in their website for the purpose of sharing knowledge.