The calculation of time period in past that is during the time of Rishi Angiras and Gautam were a lot different. Time calculation in past was done according to Manvantar, Yugs and Kalp.


Even in present there are different opinions related to birth of Lord Ram. No one can calculate the birth year of Brahma and other Rishis.


There are 14 Manvantras out of which 6 have passed and this is seventh Manvantra. No person can exactly say which rishi was born in which Manvantra and the Ved'ss existed in which time period.


Many theories also says that Ved'ss are around 5000 or + 5000 B.C.E. years old but the fact is that Ved's can also be a lot older then what we all assume.


Many people have tried and calculated the birth year of Brahma and other Rishis but it cannot be said to be true as no person exactly knows how to calculate ancient time method to decide the birth year of Brahma and other Rishis.


We have made the family tree based on the names of Rishis and their father which is mentioned in Ved'ss and other Scriptures but here we are removing the time factor related to their existence as there is no correct method to calculate it.


The Purans and other Scriptures mentions the time but they have used a different method like Manvantar, Yugs and kalp using this method can be misleading in present and hence we are not using the birth year of any Rishis and time period of existence of Ved's, Shathpath Brahman, etc.


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