Just as Positive energies are everywhere Negative energies are also everywhere but they can only take control of a person when his/her energy goes down or mistake made by person by challenging negative energies or if someone sends these negative energies to harm the person.

In our personal opinion it is good if a person avoids non vegetarian food and alcohol because this is something which attracts negative energies.

As a defense your body sends you signal when it comes under attack and your intuition tells you that something is not right. It is very important for a person not to ignore these signals.

The most important things for a person is to know first what he/she is dealing with because negative energies can be of many types i.e. ghosts, black magic, etc.

The first thing a person needs to do is not to panic because when you are in control of yourself you can keep situations under your control.

Always remember that power within you is more powerful than what is standing in front of you because your power comes from faith and there are many positive energies in universe called by different names who are always there to guide you.

When a person walks on path of truth and does good of others his/her deeds acts like armor which automatically protects the person from negative forces.

However if a person is facing problems which are beyond his/her control we do remove the negative energies for which the client needs to fill in the form so that we can understand the problem and its severity. In some cases we visit the site before providing solution.