Mulraj Solanki had given our ancestors Chatral village in around 993 A.D. and hence we are known as Chatrala Vyas. Chatral village is about 14 miles in distance from Patan and a place known as Bhauchara ji. After few years Dalla ji Vyas migrated to Lakhtar and one family went to Wakaner. There was one house in Lakhtar which had collapsed and the facts about that land are unknown. At present we do not have any house or property in Lakhtar and at present no person of Idhar Vyas family is living there in Lakhtar.

There after Dalla ji Vyas came to Wadhwan. The three families of Dalla Vyas lived togeather but, in the year 1849 A.D. they got separated and lived in 3 different big houses (dela). The house of Ramchandra was opposite the two houses (dela) of Karsan ji and Rup ji situated near Hanuman's small temple and the house (dela) of Mahashankar and Rup ji were situated near each other. The 3 different houses were constructed after 1849 A.D.


The house of Ambashankar Devshankar Vyas was built in Wadhwan near Bhogavo River near the house of potters or place of pottery. Ramchandra and Devshankar Vyas were educated and worked in Darbar (Royal Administration) as administrators.