This topic is very lengthy and the Geometrical designs get more and more complicated as you go further. I don’t want my webpage visitors to fall asleep while reading or just close the page. Hence, I will try to be to the point in this topic and only cover important points.

The universe is infinite. Our Gurus and Masters have been telling us to turn our senses inwards to study the infinity because the universe and infinity is inside us. The temple of heaven is within you we have to be in Geometry and not to disturb it.

It is a common hallucination to view universe as something outside of you, like a vast ocean you are swimming in, usually unaware of it. But inner-space and outer-space are the same thing. As you examine the world at smaller and smaller scales, what appears to be ordered and condensed begins to become disordered, random and spread out, so that as you approach the scale of the atom you start to discover, contrary to the way your senses experience reality, that you are made up almost entirely of empty space.

What we think of matter as the solid world, the floor, the table, the earth, the moon, planetary and stellar objects, etc is actually composed of atoms that are 99.999999% empty space. If you could enlarge a hydrogen atom so that it’s single-proton nucleus was the size of a basketball, its electron would orbit approximately 20 miles away. In between is space.

Space is so pervasive that, despite what our senses tell us, it is space that defines objects, not the objects which create space, because almost all that we observe around us is practically not there at all. That includes you as you sit there looking at your legs and your arms, you see yourself; you don’t see through your body. You can feel the substance of your body as it interacts with the substance of your environment: the chair or the couch, the table, the keyboard. If there is wind or a fan, you can feel the air move against you; it doesn’t pass through you.

A space contain energy, mass, and density, energy created by what are known of as virtual particles and antiparticles popping into existence, colliding and annihilating each other, creating an amount of energy that is utterly inconceivable.

An Atom is the result to division in space.

Big Bang :

The Big Bang actually consisted of an explosion of space within itself unlike an explosion of a bomb were fragments are thrown outward. The galaxies were not all together, but rather the Big Bang laid the foundations for the universe.

Expansion of Universe

Infinite in finite :

There are a lot of geometrical shapes and designs which are shown in our ancient texts, carvings and paintings. One of the examples is Yantras in Hinduism. There are lots of triangles with a round border around in it.

These Yantras and other geometrical designs point to only one thing which is infinite in finite. The Big Bang theory is same that Rig Ved says which is that the entire universe was created by a tremendous explosion and started the expansion of the universe.

So what does infinite in finite means ?


Circle (finite)

Triangle (infinite)

The Circle represents a finite boundary in which there are infinite numbers of Triangles. Which is explained in below given diagram :

Infinite in Finite

Here I draw a triangle inside a circle and a inverse triangle making a star. After this I give a boundary (circle) on each triangle and then put a inverse triangle which give me again a star. I can keep on doing this and there is no limit to it.

What the Big Bang did was that it released infinite numbers of tetrahedrons each representing in a boundary (circle) which it never exceeds.

Our body is like a circle (finite) but inside us is infinite amount of potential and connectivity. We have infinite mass and particles inside us.


Infinite in Finite (tetrahedral)


No matter how much we keep on dividing the final result is as above.

A planet is moving around sun, the sun is moving around a galaxy, a galaxy is orbiting a cluster of galaxy, cluster of galaxy is orbiting another cluster, cluster is orbiting universe and universe is orbiting another universe. This is infinite and this is what is happening in space so, is actually anything moving?
When there are infinite rotations how can you define a center when every point is a center? You are the center of universe and observing universe from your center. Whichever point you pick as a point of observation, that point becomes center from which you are observing universe. That point becomes stillness. In that point all of the spins of universe cancel out. For each spin you find an exact and opposite counter spin.

So when all of the spin cancelling out in each point creates stillness.


We are observing universe from our point of stillness and our particular point of center. Example to view a pen from all sides we don’t move around the pen rather we move the pen to see it.

The center of a galaxy has stillness i.e. the eye of galaxy. You need stillness to have a frame of reference for rotation and this is how singularity occurs.

Singularity is the point at the center of stillness from which you are observing universe. We all are not same because we all are viewing the universe from our point of stillness and our particular point of center.


If we all look at a pen from different center we all get a whole lot of different information about pen.
When we look at galaxy we find the same dynamics and galaxy looks like a whirlpool and in center of universe is immense black hole which is the point of stillness (singularity). The point where all spins cancel creating non movement singularity yet black hole is orbiting but that’s outside, if you go in and in towards singularity it gets colder. It has been found that in the heart of every galaxy there is a black hole.

Center of Black Hole

In the center of black hole there is a dot which is brightest object observed which is because we are observing the external part of that black hole and not the internal part.

Everything is centered by singularity and everything that is outside is the radiated part that we observe as universe because it rotates and because it has angular momentum which generates forces like Electromagnetic, radiation, etc.

Black Hole and White Hole :

Black Hole, Singularity Event Horizon and White Hole

Black hole is something that pulls, and in stricter terms, it pulls from a place you do not want to get near. In this case, “near” refers to the Event Horizon. In short, the Event Horizon of a black hole is a name we give to the region of spacetime beyond which anything that drops into it can never come back out. Not even light itself.

This is contrasted by a white hole, which literally pushes you away by spitting material at you. This is the reverse: A white hole spits out everything and nothing goes in. So while a black hole has an event horizon that, once you get close enough, you can never escape, a white hole has an event horizon that you can never even get close to.

As we all know that Electro Magnetic Field (emf) and light can be bent by gravitational force, a light in the universe will not escape because there is too much mass and it will go from one star to another and come back.

This means we live inside a black hole and that’s the reason why when you look at the sky above its black. Because light is contracting in a vacuum towards similarity, everything inside that black hole is a small black hole and we are outside of those smaller black holes so they look like white holes and they are both inside each other.

Religion :

What is mentioned above by physics and geometry same thing is said by our Gurus but in a different manner. The saint in Hinduism tells a person to be stithpragya (stillness) and view things. They tell us that the universe is inside us and all the geometrical shapes are given to us by saints before thousands of years.

To solve a problem we dont need to revolve around but to be still and see it from all angles and then we can get its solution.