Hrillekha is seed mantra of Bhuvaneshwari and is also known as maya beej. The word Hrillekha itself means mark or scratch on the heart, thus anxiety, desire. As name of the seed mantra it maybe thought of as the audiable essence and sign of Bhuvaneshwari's heart.


In trantic lore, Bhuvaneshwari is called among others by the name of Hrillekha. It means the power which is resident in the heart of a man in the form of creeper holding fast to him and guiding him.


Some authorities identify Hrillekha with Kundilini shakti residing in man. Thus, Hrillekha is both the goddess and her essential sonic form as well as her power manifest within the human individual.


The Hrillekha is also regarded as the energizing point / sound from which the entire universe unfolds. This syllable is the essential, dynamic point of the universe containing the pattern for all manifest forms. Paradoxically the dynamic point is the perfect potential universe.


This is the bindu (primal point). Words in common parlance can never express the basic idea or pattern (hrillekha).


In Vaishnav Laxmi tantra, Hrillekha is said to be the seed mantra of the supreme goddess known variously as Sri Laxmi or Tara. Sri declares Hrillekha the supreme vidya is identified with me. She is my divine, absolute shakti, perpetually endowed with all my attributes.