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We believe that behind every search there is a dream, behind every dream there is a hope, behind every hope there is a inspiration and behind every inspiration there is a vision.

Rootshunt was started in the year 2005 by Dr. Gaurav A. Vyas.

As a I.T. professional he always used to see that a lot of computers were connected to the main server though a cable and all the computers could communicate to each other because they all were connected to each other in some way or the other.

He observed this concept carefully and came to understand that the concept of network, family and universe is not much different. We all are a family and we can communicate with each other because we share a relationship and this relationship we have is because we all come from the same Ancestor.

It was this observation that had attracted him towards finding his family roots, after writing a book known as Vyasroots he started to creating a web site on his family and came across many hidden secrets which he has kept on this website so that what all knowledge he received in his research can be shared with everyone.

At present we have also developed our business in
of Paranormal Investigation, Exorcism, Astrology, Vastu, Crystals, Agnihotra Ash Medicine, Teaching Agnihotra with Science and Kund Construction.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank millions of people who every month visit our website. It is your support which motivates us.

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Dr. Gaurav A. Vyas is Proprietor of Rootshunt company and is into Vedic Astrology for over 10 years.

He has written books on Vedic Astrology, Vastu, Reiki, Agnihotra with Science, Havan Kund Construction, Concepts of Vedas, Paranormal Investigation and Spirituality with Science.


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Dr. Gaurav A. Vyas
15, Mangalyam Society,

Near Ocean Park,  Nehrunagar,

Ahmedabad - 380 015.

Gujarat,  BHARAT.

M : 987925 8523

E-mail : hunt2roots@yahoo.com

Web : www.rootshunt.com

Website made by Dr. Gaurav A. Vyas