A Havan Kund can be constructed in 2 ways. 1) By drawing a square shape or 2) By drawing round shape.


Secret of Kunds :


Mainly there are two secrets of Kunds. First is based on measurements which can be of one hast, two hast, four hast, six hast, eight hast and ten hast. Second is based on design which is as follows :


Based on angles :


Triangle, square, five dimensional, six dimensional, seven dimensional, eight dimensional, nine dimensional, eleven dimensional (rudra kund), thirty eight dimensional and forty eight dimensional.


Round (vartul / vrut) Kund :


It is round (vartul / vrut), half round (ardh-chandrakar) and padmah kund (lotus).


Special Kund :


Yoni, Asi, Kunt, Chap, Mudgar, Shani, Rahu, Ketu, Chandra, Guru, Bhom (mangal), Buddh, Shukra, etc. A detail description of these kund’s can be found in trantik granths.