The type we choose correct mantra and those processes through which it becomes auspicious is known as Sadhan Science.

1)     Mantra Mailapak
2)     Mantrath
3)     Mantra Chaitnya
4)     Mantra's Kullika
5)     Mantra Setu
6)     Maha Setu
7)     Nirvan
8)     MukhShodhan
9)     Pran Yog
10)   Deepini
11)   Mantra's Sutak
12)   Mantra's problem (Dosha)
13)   Solutions of those problems(Dosha)

Sixteen Parts of Sadhan Vidhi

Mantra Sadhna also has sixteen parts like moon's sixteen kalas.

These parts are as mentioned below:-

1)     Bhakti
2)     Shudhi
3)     Aasan
4)     Panchang Sevan
5)     Aachar
6)     Dharna
7)     Divyadesh Sevan
8)     PranKriya
9)     Mudra
10)   Tarpan
11)   Havan
12)   Bali
13)   Yaag
14)   Jap
15)   Dhyan and
16)   Samadhi


The sadhaka should have a light meal, hot and well cooked and in small quantity, as overeating leads to the excitement of the sensory organs which aggravate passions. Onion, garlic and meat have a stimulating effect on the sensory organs and do more harm to the body than good. Intoxicants and smoking of any kind should be avoided. Lack of control in the diet is a great obstacle to progress. Small quantities of wholesome food purify the mind and a pure mind retains the memory of God.