Dr. Ambashankar after retirement came home to Wadhwan but, his health was not good and so near the Brahmins Bhojanshala there is a Vaishnav Haveli and a Mukhia ji or the Mahant also resides there so, Dr. Ambashankar met the Mukhia or Mahant there who was a fortune teller and he said that his mothers soul (Laxmi Ba ie. wife of Morar ji) was not at peace so he told him to make Laxmi Ba sit in the Gokhla and after that only his health will be alright.

Laxmi Ba was the mother of Dr. Ambashankar, Harishankar, Gaurishankar, Vadilal and Keshavlal.

The facts about Laxmi Ba are that when she was going to Bala village which is 8 miles away from Wadhwan to bring her Daughter-in-law Mani Ba who was the wife of Harishankar to do her Anu. At home she had taken the lunch of Bajri's Rotla (millet's Roti) and Black Gram Dal. She felt very thirsty on the journey on foot but, as water was not available anywhere and she expired on the way. It was believed that as she had died a tragic death her soul was not at peace and so when the Mukhya ji told Dr. Ambashankar he made a seat for Laxmi Ba in his own home near Bahuchar Mataji's place. In the Gokhla where the previous mavdi Maa had stayed and left it after 100 years becoming the Angel of God. This way Laxmi Ba the Second mavdi Maa was made to sit and then Dr. Ambashankar's health also became alright.