Telepathy is the "art of communicating". A strange kind of communication where none of the normal five senses are used. There are comparatively only some people expert in this form of communication, yet it is something every human reacts to on a subconscious level. This type of communication becomes reachable with a well-developed fifth chakra.


As one learns to purify their chakras, compose their minds, and restrain our thoughts, the fabric of one`s cognisance becomes smoother and smoother. The vibrations become steadier and the sensitivities straight. In this state it is much more easy to become conscious of the subtler waves of vibrations in the energy field. The more muted levels of telepathic communication become evident when the starker vibrations of one`s lives no longer create hindrance.


Telepathy could be defined as the art of hearing the whispers of another`s mind. In order to do this, it is better to be quiet within one`s own mind. Most people, by character, have a `party` going on inside their heads. One is always conversing with oneself or running tapes through the heads. When added to the usual hubbub around, this blunts the accessibility of the fifth chakra. Everybody is habituated to use technological devices to send messages beyond the limits of one`s own voice. One is not familiarised to listening for the subtle flurries in the ether that can bring communication transversing time and space. Question like-- why should one be aware, isn`t coarse, physical communication more precise, more explicit, and less subject to loss or error can come up to one`s mind. If one sends a telepathic message, one is never sure whether he or she has received it perfectly. Cognisance is not really a verbal process. In order to communicate, one needs to decipher one`s consciousness into a figurative structure. In order to receive the communication, one must interpret symbols back into consciousness. While this may seem immediate, one is ranking consciousness from its purer form. As any linguist knows, the core of a communication is often malformed during conversion.


Seen in this light, telepathic communication can be more accurate and instantaneous, compared to verbal communication, which can often contain deceit and error.


While few people are in actuality skilled at this form of communication, there are even fewer people who have never gone through it at all. Two people saying the same thing at the same time, finding a busy signal because one`s friend is simultaneously calling the other, or getting the psychic premonition that a family member is in danger, are a few instances of the common ways telepathy can occur.


If one acknowledges ether as a connective field of base and subtle vibrations, then communication occurs through a discernible modification in that field. Telepathic communication is purely a subtler modification, undetectable only when the grosser vibrations are calmed. Telepathy may ensue when two or more minds are rhythmically trained, such that a variance in the pattern of one rhythm leads to a similar version in the other. Entrained rhythms increase the bountifulness of the wave. A wave of higher amplitude has more potential, more chance of being audible.


Whatever the explanation, instances of telepathic communication designates a kind of mental connectivity, floating through the ether that allows an exchange of information on a non-physical plane. As feelings become more and more dense, they begin to become visible- they are acknowledged by one mind, then two, and becomes denser and denser till they are real. The old proverb that "thoughts are things" becomes authentic.


Whether one is an originator or a recipient, there is no doubt that there exists some medium through which one can beat into a territory where the vibrations of minds unite. Through the purification of the chakras and attention to the vibrational world that surrounds and creates everybody, one can gain admission to this merging level of consciousness. Slowly as one approaches the upper chakras, one nears a universality of mind, surpassing the physical limitations of time and space that keeps one apart. It is not necessary for an individual to create it. One only needs to tranquillise their minds and listen. It is already there, and one is already representing a part in it. However, one can decide to make that part conscious.