At the time of getting married it is important to check that the person is not belonging to Angiras, Gautam and Sharadvad Gotra and should not be of Surname Acharya, Thakar and Mehta because their Gotra is same as of us and hence they are considered as brother and sister but, if the Gotra is different marriage is possible. In surname's Raval, Dave, Shukla and Travadi daughter can be given for marriage.


After getting married it is compulsory to go to Sati Maa place (Lakhtar) Immediately for opening of Cheda-chedi knot and after that only the couple can start marriage life.


Our one family instead of going to Wadhwan with Dalla ji went to Wakaner about that family we tried our best to gather information but we are not able to find that family.

In Chatral there is a person called Mr. Kamlesh A. Vyas his Gotra, Kul Devi and all other information is same as of us but, unfortunately he knows the names of only his four to five generations and does not have any direct link with our Idhar Vyas family tree along with that his family does not worship our Sati Maa and he has his own family Sati Maa.


As the Gotra and other information's match with his information we can say that he is a part of our family and has a link with us from or above Idhar Vyas generations. Mr. Kamlesh A. Vyas has important information and address of all Chatarala Vyas and if any person of our Idhar Vyas family wants to meet him or contact him below is his name, address and mobile number.


Mr. Kamlesh A. Vyas


Joshivaas, Chatral - 382729, Taluka - Kalol, District - Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.


Mobile :- 0091-98246 44660.

3. Before I have gone to Siddhpur and Chanod to find if there are any records of the names above Idhar Vyas but the Pandas there don't have any record above Idhar Vyas.

On 1/1/2009 I went to Haridwar to find name of our Ancestors above Idhar Vyas where I met Gujarati Panda (Gujarati Gor) Mr. Tribhuvan but he didn't have any records of our family members above Idhar Vyas.


Address and Mobile number of Gujarati panda (Gujarati Gor) is given below :


Haribhavan Guest House, Opposite Purohit Loge, Harki Paudi, Haridwar, INDIA.


Mobile : Tribhuvan 0091-098971 39092 / Madhusudan 0091-098371 60285 / Sanjay 0091-098978 52136.


I went to Chandrabani near Dehradun on 3/1/2009 to find the records of Gautam Rishi which is added in this book. He also told me that there were many different books on Gautam Rishi and all the Mahants are collecting important material from different books so that important contents don't get missed and any wrong information don't get printed in the book.


According to the Mahant all the other Mahants are going to print one single book on Gautam Rishi which will get ready by May 2009.


On 29/8/2009 I again went to Chandrabani and from there I was given latest information about Rishi Gautam by the Mahant which I have added in this book.


The latest Information that I have received is according to the research done by Mr. Chetan Singh Khadaka.


There are many different stories related to Rishi Gautam and every person has translated things in a different manner and hence I am including all the information about Rishi Gautam that I have received in this book.


The latest information that I have received on 29/8/2009 from Gautam Kund at Chandrabani is in brief. A Television serial is going to be made in future at Gautam Kund Ashram in which all the information will be in-detail.


Address and Mobile number of Chandrabani is given below :


Gautam Kund, Chandrabani, Post Office Mobewala, Dehradun - 248 002, Uttarakhand, INDIA.


Contact person Mahant Ji


Mobile : 0091-098979 44138

Rishi Gautam lived in many places but the last 12 years of his life he spent in Chandrabani which is Uttarakhand we all know that we came from North to perform the Havan of King Mulraj Solanki it is possible that we came from Uttarakhand because it is the last place where Rishi Gautam lived along with his family.
I personally referred the Rig, Yajur, Sam and Atharv Ved and found out the names of the children's of Angiras and Gautam Rishi. The new Brahma and Angiras family tree is made on the basis of four Ved's.

The calculation of time period in past that is during the time of Rishi Angiras and Gautam were a lot different. Time calculation in past was done according to Manvantar, Yugs and Kalp.


Even in present there are different opinions related to birth of Lord Ram. No one can calculate the birth year of Brahma and other Rishis.


There are 14 Manvantars out of which 6 have passed and this is seventh Manvantar no person can exactly say which rishi was born in which Manvantra and the Ved's existed in which Manvantar.


Many theories also says that Ved's are around 5000 or +5000 B.C.E. years old but the fact is that Ved's are a lot older then what we all assume.


Many people have tried and calculated the birth year of Brahma and other Rishis but it cannot be said to be true as no person exactly knows how to calculate ancient time method to decide the birth year of Brahma and other Rishis.


The explanation Manvantar is given in also given in Bhagwat, Bramha puran and Vishnu puran. In Bhagwat the presence of Rishi Angiras, Gautam, Ahilya, Vamdev, etc is mentioned.


We have made a family tree from Bramha till Kripacharya and from Umang's son Jit till Idhar Vyas but in-between who was born we will never be able to find the missing link as we don't have names above Idhar Vyas and we don't know that out of Gautam Rishis 3 sons Vamdev, Nodha and Shatanand whose line we come from because Gautam Rishi and his sons can be born in any Manvantara.


The Angiras family tree based on the names of Rishis and their father name which is mentioned in Ved's as well as in other Scriptures.


The Purans and other Scriptures mentions the time but they have used a different method like Manvantar, Yugs and kalp using this method can be misleading in present and hence we are not using the birth year of any Rishis and time period of existence of Ved's, Shatpath Brahman, etc.

Rishi Gautams Ashram is also found in Ahmedabad and Sihor Near Bhavnagar (Gujarat). This two latest found ashrams of Rishi Gautam is included in Gautam Rishis page.