The below mentioned information is purely written on the basis of Shiv Puran. Apart from this we have not found any sort of additional information about Rudraksh in Shiv Puran.


In Shiv Puran Rishi Sutji told to Rishi Shaunak about the importance of Rudraksh as said by Lord Shiv to Goddess Parvati. Rudraksh is very dear to Lord Shiv. Just by looking, touching or doing jaap on Rudraksh it takes away all sins of a person.


For the benefit of mankind Lord Shiv had said the importance of Rudraksh to Goddess Parvati. Lord Shiv said to Goddess Parvati that for thousands of divya years he did penance when he opened his eyes few tear drops fell from eyes and from those tear drops a tree of Rudraksh grew. The Rudraksh he then distributed to devotees of Lord Vishnu and all 4 casts (Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra). In past Lord Shiv created Rudraksh in a country known as Gaud and then its seeds were reaped at Mathura, Ayodhya, Lanka, Malyachal, Sahgiri, Kashi and other countries. Rudraksh is the destroyer of all unbearable sins and is motivation for all shrutis.


With the permission of Lord Shiv, Rudraksh came on earth on the basis of 4 casts (Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra). Rudraksh is found in 4 colors which is white, red, yellow and black. White Rudraksh should be worn by Brahmins, Red by Kshatriyas, Yellow by Vashyas and Black by Shudras.


A person should wear Rudraksh according to his cast. If the Rudraksh is as big as Indian gooseberry (amla) it is considered as best. If its shape is as big as jujube fruit is considered as of medium quality and the ones which is in size of gram (chana) is considered as of lowest quality.


The Rudraksh which is in size of a jujube fruit give best result, happiness and prosperity inspite of its small shape. The Rudraksh of Indian gooseberry (amla) shape is the destroyer of all ills (anisht). The Rudraksh which is in size of a Abrus (chanothi) fulfills all wishes and gives desired results. The smaller the Rudraksh the more it gives result.


A small Rudraksh gives 10 times more result than the Rudraksh large in size. For the removal of sins and to get desired results it is necessary to wear Rudraksh. Rudraksh rosary (mala) is considered as the most fruitful.


The Rudraksh which is with same size, sticky, strong and hard and with emerged texture gives desired results, worldly pleasure and salvation (moksh). Those Rudraksh which have insects, which are broken, without texture, scratch and which are not completely round is not advisable. A Rudraksh with natural hole is considered best and a Rudraksh which as man made hole in it is considered of medium quality.


A person who wears 1100 Rudraksh can achieve those results which cannot be even described in many years. An intellectual person makes a crown of 550 Rudraksh beads and wears it on his head. A person should make 3 garlands each of 360 Rudraksh and wear it as a Janoi.


After this Rishi Suktji says to all Maharshis that a person should wear Rudraksh on head with Ishan Mantra, on ears with Tatpurush Mantra, on neck and heart with Aghor Mantra. An intellectual person wears Rudraksh on both his hands with Aghor Beej Mantra.


A person should wear 15 Rudraksh on his stomach with Vamdev Mantra or can wear Rudraksh rosary (mala) of 3, 5 or 7 beads uttering Pranav Mantra or basic (mool) mantra “Namah Shivay”.


A person wearing Rudraksh should avoid non-veg, liquor, garlic, onion, drum stick vegetable and lisoda.


White Rudraksh should be only worn by a Brahmin, Kshatriya should wear dark red Rudraksh, Vaishya should every day wear Yellow Rudraksh and Shudra should wear Black Rudraksh as this is the Vedic way.


Ladies and even Shudras can wear Rudraksh. A hermit (yati) should wear Rudraksh with uttering Pranav Mantra. Any person who sees a hermit who has tripund on his forehead and whose body is covered with Rudraksh and who is uttering jap of mrityunjai mantra is considered as seeing Lord Shiv.


Lord Shiv describes different kinds of Rudraksh to Goddess Parvati for material and spiritual benefits.


One face Rudraksh :


It is considered as a form of Lord Shiv and gives a person material and spiritual benefits.


Where Rudraksh is worshipped Goddess Laxmi resides and all the negativity gets destroyed and all the people’s wishes are fulfilled.


Mantra : "Om Hreem Namah"


Two face Rudraksh :


It is considered as Dev-deveshwar. It fulfills all wishes.


Mantra : "Om Namah"


Three face Rudraksh :


It always grants all benefits of sadhna. Its influence establishes all the vidyas (knowledge).


Mantra : "Om Kleem Namah"


Four face Rudraksh :


It is considered as a form of Lord Bramha. Just by seeing and touching it, it grants dharma, arth, kam and moksh.


Mantra : "Om Hreem Namah"


Five face Rudraksh :


It is considered as form of kalagni rudra roop. It is able to do any thing. It gives salvation, fulfills all desired results and releases a person from all sins.


Mantra : "Om Hreem Namah"


Six face Rudraksh :


It is a form of Lord Kartik. If it is worn near right underarm the person is freed from the sin of Bramhatya (murder of Brahmin) and there is no doubt in it.


Mantra : "Om Hreem Hum Namah"


Seven face Rudraksh :


It is famous as Anang Swaroop and is also known as Anang. Even if a poor person wears it he becomes prosperous.


Mantra : "Om Hum Namah"


Eight face Rudraksh :


It is form of eight face Bhairav. A person wearing it completes his full age and after his death he becomes a Shuldhari Shankar.


Mantra : "Om Hum Namah"


Nine face Rudraksh :


It is considered as symbol of Bhairav and Kapil Muni or considered as Maheshwari Durga having nine forms. Maheshwari Durga is known as the Adhisthatri Devi of this Rudraksh.


A person devotionally wears nine face Rudraksh on his left hand surely becomes Serveshwar Shiv and there is no doubt in it.


Mantra : "Om Hreem Hum Namah"


Ten face Rudraksh :


It is a form of Lord Vishnu. A person who wears this Rudraksh gets all his wishes fulfilled.


Mantra : "Om Hreem Namaha"


Eleven Face Rudraksh :


It is a form of Rudra a person wearing this Rudraksh attains victory in all fields.


Mantra : "Om Hreem Hum Namah"


Twelve face Rudraksh :


It should be worn on kesh (hair). When a person wears it on his kesh (hair) all twelve Adityas come and sit on his head.


Mantra : "Om Krown Kshown Rown Namah"


Thirteen face Rudraksh :


It is considered as a form of vishvadeva. A person who wears it gets all his wish fulfilled and attains the benefits of good luck.


Mantra : "Om Hreem Namah"


Fourteen face Rudraksh :


It is like a form of Lord Shiv. It should be worn on head with full devotion. It cleanses all sins.


Mantra : "Om Namah"


On the basis of 14 faces of Rudraksh its different importance is shown. A person should wear Rudraksh will complete devotion leaving all laziness and over sleep.


Bhoot (ghost), pret, pishach, dakini, shakini and other harmful demons run away from a person who wears Rudraksh mala. Lord Shiv, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Durga, Lord Ganesh and Surya (sun god) and other devtas become happy seeing a person who wears Rudraksh.


After knowing the importance of Rudraksh for the increase of dharma a person should devotionally wear Rudraksh with proper rituals and with the above mentioned mantras.