Since 2005 we have been in search of true knowledge and what all knowledge we have achieved we have kept it our website
On the basis of our search and true knowledge we are trying our best to serve you in providing the best services regarding teaching of Agnihotra with Science, Kund Construction, Paranormal Investigation, Vastu Shashtra, Crystal Reiki Classes, Agnihotra Ash (bhasma), Healing Items, Astrology, Pendulums, Religious Items, Protection Items, etc.
      Agnihotra with Science :
  This subject scientifically explains what Agnihotra is, Havan Kund and how it functions. It is also explained how Agnihotra is connected to Science, Medical Science, Physics, Quantum Mechanics, etc and pratical of Agnihotra.
      Kund Construction :
  This subject deals in teaching construction of different types of Havan Kunds.

Before construction of Havan Kund it is extremely important to know the science behind it and purpose of various Havan Kunds.

We scientifically explain what Havan Kund is, its purpose and construction in theory and some parts in pratical along with mathematical calculations.

      Crystal Reiki Classes :
  We have combined the powers of Crystals and Reiki for superior healing. We teach Crystal Reiki and give Crystal Reiki Healing along with Crystal Grid and 7 Chakra Crystals.
      Vastu :
      We provide Vastu consultation and solution for various Vastu problems.
      Paranormal Investigation :
  Para means something which is not normal thus it is called paranormal. Activities such as haunting, possessions, black magic, etc comes under paranormal and there is a scientific reason behind it. ROOTSHUNT is a team of trained professionals who have gone through extensive training of scientific paranormal investigation.
      Agnihotra Ash (bhasma) :
  Kunjika and Power PH agnihotra ash has been made through a rigorous process under strict rules. Both of these produts have a unique quality followed by the healing power of vedic mantras.

Through intense study in the field of ayurved, vedas, agnihotra and its concepts along with scientific validation and medical study we have been able to produce agnihotra ash (bhasma) which is helpful in treatment of various diseases.

We personally select the best herbs and have a team of qualified Pandits who are master in all the four vedas and perform agnihotra under strict rules and regulations.

      Healing Items :
      We sell different types of Raw and Polished stones for healing purpose.
      Mix Items :
  Our mix items contains bracelets, pendants and malas.
      Pendulums :
      We provide various Pendulums for dowsing purpose.
      Religious Items :
      We sell Crystal Shri Yantra, Ganpati, Shivlingam, etc.