Sharadwaan was son of Satyadhriti. Sharadwaan was born with bow and arrows and was a born archer. He was from since a child interested in archery than in the study of the Ved's. He meditated and attained the art of all types of war. As he was one of the greatest archer who no one including the gods could defeat God Indra out of jealousy sent a beautiful apsra called Urvashi from the heaven to distract him. The apsra came to the saint and tried to seduce him in various ways.

Sharadwaan was distracted from Urvashi and he had two children a boy and a girl after that left his children's along with his bow and arrow and went to the forest for penance.

Coincidentally, King Shantanu, the great grandfather of the Pandavas was crossing from there and he saw the children’s. Just by looking at them King Shantanu realized that they were children of a great Brahmin archer. Shantanu named them Kripa and Kripi and decided to take them back with him to his palace. When Shardwaan came to know of this he came to the palace and revealed the identity of the children and performed the various rituals which are performed for the children of Brahmins.

Shardwaan also taught the children archery, Ved's and other shashtras. Kripa came to be known as Kripacharya who was given the task of teaching the young princes all about warfare and Kripee was married of Acharya Drone. Acharya Drone was son of Rishi Bharadvaj. Drone and Kripee had a son Ashwasthama.