Tantra Yog is the holistic approach to the study of universe from the individualistic point of view i.e. the study of macrocosm through the study of microcosm. Tantra Yog involves various sciences-astronomy, astrology, numerology, physiognomy, physics, chemistry, Ayurved, psychology, mathematics, geometry and so on, which identifies the highest ideal of philosophy in the daily life. Tantra Yog draws together the different areas of human knowledge instead of limiting itself to any single branch of knowledge. The microcosm is like a tree, which is great organization of diverse elements linked together by a unifying law or dharma that is the inherent property of human nature. The Dharma plays here the role of unification. Tantra Yog depends on understanding this law.


The aim of Tantra Yog is to create awareness in all states of consciousness, be it sleeping state, waking state or the dreaming state. To accomplish this human mind need to reset its knowledge and spiritualism. Our birth in a particular place starts to develop our primary knowledge. The heredity and environment plays the secondary role. When a human being is content with his or her life there is no need for change. But when one experiences great difficulty in life there is a requirement to alter it. Tantra Yog provides the methodology and the tool for this work. Tantra Yog teaches the methodology and the tools which remove intolerance, ignorance and attach to the animal nature and the selfishness. The Tantra Yog thus concentrates on a single point that helps us to free the consciousness from limitation.


Universe is made of two opposing force, while Shiv being the static principal, Shakti is the dynamic force. Shakti stands for creativity, energy and power. The external part of everything is the creative aspect and inside every dynamic aspect there is the static part. The role of Shakti has no beginning or end and it is restless. But the energy moves in the orderly cycle, in alternate periods of rest and motion. Energy undergoes many changes, gets distorted and is again reorganized during the period of rest. Thus there is a continuous process of creation, preservation, destruction, reorganization and recreation, which goes on forever. Tantra Yog believes that Shakti is the universal mother, who creates, sustains and destroys the world. Thus in Tantra Yog, Shakti is mainly worshipped as the aspect of the divine.


The world is illusory where the driving force is the power of desire (Ichcha Shakti). The desire is present in one when one is without attributes. Tantra Yog accepts the desire as the primary motivating force of the universe. So it does not ask the aspirants to renounce desire. Tantra tries to overcome the desire through ascetism. The paradox of tantra is to be desire less one must go through strong desire.


Tantra imparts that desires are natural and as long as the human body is embodied, desire is possible. The constant presence of desire arouses a yearning for the desired object. People become slaves to their instincts. Tantra Yog provides physical and mental cleaning through Pranayama or breathing exercises, visualization of Yantras and deities, repetition of Mantra or Jap, etc. Thus, Tantra Yog helps to unfold our divine nature through various processes.