17. Shashakasan :



Advantages :

  • Enhances blood flow to the head and makes ankles and knees flexible.
Pre-caution :
  • Patients with peptic ulcer should not perform this asan.

18. Bhujangasan :



Advantages :

  • It tones up spine.

  • It helps to increase the body heat and strengthens digestive power.

  • Helpful for people suffering from back pain.

  • Helps to control the food intake.

  • Helpful for asthma patients.
Pre-caution :
  • People having pain in the lower spine should avoid this asan.

  • People having pain in wrist, hands and shoulders should avoid this asan.

  • People with surgery of abdomen and elbow surgery shoul avoid this asan.

19. Baddhanaukasan :



Advantages :

  • Makes middle of the spine flexible.

  • It strengthens the hips, arms, thighs, knees, calves and feet.

  • Strengthens the lungs.

  • It strengthens the muscles of the back, abdomen, neck and shoulders.

  • Useful for people suffering from diabetes.
Pre-caution :
  • Those suffering from hypertension and heart disease should not practice it.

20. Ardhshalabhasan :


  • This asan requires a sudden movement during its practice and hence it should be done very smoothly.