1. Tadasan :



Advantages :

  • It helps in strengthening and stretching our shoulders, chest, upper back, lower back muscles.

  • By stretching the hands above the head and by stretching the feet the Para vertebral muscles, rectus abdominis muscles get proper strength.

  • It helps in strengthening ankle joints and ligaments.

Pre-caution :

  • People suffering from ankle injury, pain in tips and toes or undergone surgery of any in tips and toes, feet should not do this asan.

2. Triokonasan :



Advantages :

  • Helps to strengthen the muscles of thighs, calf muscles, knee and pelvic bones.

  • Reduces abdominal fat.

  • Increases the flexibility of spinal column.

  • Increases physical and mental balance.

  • Helps balance the Nervous system.

Pre-caution :

  • Hip Joint Injury.

  • Ligament Injury.

  • Feet Injury.

3. Parshwakosan :



Advantages :

  • It helps in strengthening the muscles of the thigh and calf.

  • The spinal column gets more supple (elasticity increases).

  • A blessing for people suffering from Lumbosacral pain.

Pre-caution :

  • People having excess of pain in the knees.

  • The body needs to be quite flexible as one needs to bend.

4. Veerbhadrasan :



Advantages :

  • Developes physical stamina.

  • Helps to strengthen calf muscles, thighs, femur muscles and ham string muscles.

  • Increases concentration, balances mind and body.

  • Helps strengthen the lower back muscles.

Pre-caution :

  • Knee injury.

  • People suffering from arthritis or gone through hip joint replacement should carefully perform this asan.