5. Garudasan :



Advantages :

  • Helps to strengthen our calf muscles and femur muscles.

  • Helps to increase our concentration.

  • Helps to strengthen our knees and hamstring muscles.

Pre-caution :

  • People suffering from Ankle injury and with excess of Osteo Arthritis pain in full body feet should not do this asan.

6. Godohan Mudra :



Advantages :

  • The biggest boon and a blessing for the male members who suffer from Seminal Disorders.

  • It helps in controlling the mind and thoughts by increasing our mental concentration.

  • It helps to decrease the sexual desire that pops up in one’s mind.

  • The regular practice of this asan helps one in converting the Virya in Ojas, Tejas and finally in Prajna.

Pre-caution :

  • Excess of pain in knees.

  • Any injury in tips and toes.

  • People having any surgery or swelling in ankle or feet should not do this asan.

7. Vrukshasan :



Advantages :

  • Helps to balance mind and body.

  • Helps in increasing concentration.

  • Renders good strength and balance to our feet, knees, muscles and hips.

Pre-caution :

  • Any injury in feet or leg.

  • Hip injury or excess of pain in the lower back.

  • One suffering from Slip Discerple should not do this asan.

8. Utkatasan :



Advantages :

  • Helps strengthen calf muscles and remove constipation.

Pre-caution :

  • Those suffering from muscle pull, headache and low blood pressure should not practice this asan.