Following few questions and their answers related to Yog :


What is the best time for practising Asans :


The early morning is the best time to perform Asans. After lunch upto 4 hours a person should not perform Asan, Mudra or Pranayam.


Bath :


Having bath before Asans is considered favorable but, the time gap between the Asans and the bath should be minimum 30 minutes.


Diet :


Food like grains, wheat, rice, barley, milk, ghee, sugar, butter, honey, dry ginger, etc. are considered to be favorable. Non- vegetarian food should be avoided.

Place :

It is preferred to perform asan at a place where fresh air can be inhaled.

Surgery :

For this a person should ask his Yog teacher as there are many asans which give different results.

Pregnancy and Asans :


Normally during the first three months of pregnancy Uddiyanasan, Pascimotanasan, Ardha-Matsyendrasan and all those Asans which give pressure in the abdominal region should be avoided by women and during menstrual periods no Yog asan should be practiced by women.