Sun takes some star for its dual (Sirius) and revolves around it in about 24,000 years of our Earth and this (see below image) is what causes the apparent backward movement of the equinoctial points around the zodiac.

At the same time, the Sun also has another motion by which it revolves round a grand center called Vishnunabhi, which is the seat of the creative power of the universe, Bramha.

Bramha regulates dharma, the mental virtue of the internal world. When the Sun, in its revolution around its dual (Sirius), comes to the place nearest to this grand center, (which takes place when the Autumnal Equinox reaches the First Point of Aries¹, the star Zeta Piscium²), dharm, the mental virtue, becomes so much developed that man can easily comprehend all, even the mysteries of Spirit.

Autumnal Equinox

After 12,000 years, when the Sun goes to the place in its orbit furthest from Bramha (which takes place when the Autumnal Equinox is on the First Point of Libra), the mental abilities of man is so reduced that he cannot grasp anything beyond the gross material creation.

Then in the same manner, the sun begins its advance to return to the place nearest the grand center and mental virtue begins to develop again for another 12,000 years and completes the 24,000 year cycle.

Rate of Precession :

Modern science tells us that the present rate of precession is about 1º in 72 years.

we were at the apopsis of our orbit at around 500 AD when the Autumnal Equinox reached 0°of Libra. The intellectual power of man was so diminished that we could not comprehend anything beyond the gross material matter of creation.

History seems to bear this out as it was one of the darkest periods of mankind with the fall of the Western Roman Empire just a few years earlier and the beginning of what was eventually termed the "Dark Ages".

The Four Yug's :

The development of dharma, is gradual and divided into four different stages or Yug's in an ascending arc of 12,000 years.

The first stage is called Kali Yug during which the Sun passes through 1/20th portion of its entire orbit or 1200 years. The human intellect cannot comprehend anything beyond gross material creation, the external world. The next stage or age is called Dwapara Yug which the Sun passes through 2/20th of its orbit or 2400 years.

The human intellect can comprehend the fine matters or electricity’s and their attributes which are the creating principles of the external world. The period of 3600 years which the Sun passes through 3/20th of its orbit is called Treta Yug.

Our intellect can then comprehend the divine magnetism, the source of all electrical forces on which creation depends for its existence. The period of 4800 years during which the Sun passes through the remaining 4/20th orbit is called Sat Yug.

The mental virtue is in its fourth stage and completes its full development. Human intellect can comprehend all, even God the Spirit beyond this visible world and dharm has reached its peak. It now begins to decline in a descending arc of 12,000 years and mankind gradually loses dharm as it once again travels through the four Yug's in reverse order.

The following diagram may be helpful :

Calculation of Yugs

As you can see from the above diagram, the Autumnal Equinox entered the ascending Dwapar Yug around the year 1700 and so we are currently just 300 years (or barely 1/8) into this 2400 year Yug which is scheduled to last until the year 4100 AD.

Obviously the last 300 years has seen a tremendous advance in our knowledge of the universe. It should also be pointed out that as you pass from one age to another there is a transitional period from one to the other that is proportionate to the length of the age in question.

So the Kal Yug, for instance, that has a total length of 1200 years, has a transition time of 100 years at its start and end plus the 1000 years sandwiched in between to make the total 1200 years.

In similar fashion Dwapar Yug has a 200 year transition + 2000 years + another 200 year transition at its end and Treta has a similar 300 + 3000 + 300 and Satya 400 + 4000 + 400. In this scenario, 1600 AD would mark the beginning of the 100 year transition out of the last Kali Yug. Therefore, 1700 AD would begin the 200 year transition into the Dwapar Yug and 1900 would be the start of the actual Dwapaa Yug proper.

No one can argue that the last 100 years of the 20th century has seen an unparalleled advance in knowledge throughout the world which corresponds to our finally entering into the Dwapar Age proper in 1900 AD.

ChaturYug Calculation :

Chatur Yug Calculation
Satya Yug
Treta Yug
Dwapara Yug
Kali Yug

Sat Yug (golden age), Treta Yug (silver age), Dwapar Yug (bronze age) and Kal Yug (iron age). From Yug to Yug the level of consciousness declines.

Sat Yug was occupied by yogis and mystic powers and evil used to live on another planet hence they were separated by space. In treta Yug demons live on another country but on same planet and anything separating is ocean. Dwapar Yug people live for thousand years, they have good and bad in the same family. Kal Yug people live for hundred years and good and bad is in each and every one of us it’s not separate now it’s in us and we have to become conscious of our deeds if we are serious and want to move out of planet earth. We might like planet earth but it’s a prison.

We move from Sat Yug -> Treta Yug-> Dwapar Yug -> Kal Yug -> Dwapar Yug -> Treta Yug -> Sat Yug.

Cycle of Yugs

The level of consciousness increases then decreases and then again increases from Yug to Yug. We can with our eyes see only 5 planets but other 4 planets too effect us. In some news papers they also show the rising of other planets. They are there but few try to eradicate it because their religion does not accept it but actually they are the only group that doesn't. All feminine life on planet earth is governed by moon that’s why we have menstruation from moonstural cycle another word is lunar cycle. It is now a accepted fact that when the moon is into its full position it has its effect on people. Many stupid acts happen during that time.

Sirius :

Star alignment with the Great Pyramid of Giza. Orion (associated with the god Osiris) is aligned with the King’s Chamber while Sirius (associated with the goddess Isis) is aligned with the Queen’s Chamber

Recent scientific discoveries relating to the Great Pyramid and its mysterious “air shafts” have lead researchers to further confirm the importance of Sirius within the pyramid.

A fascinating aspect of Sirius is the consistency of the symbolism and meanings attached to it. Several great civilizations have indeed associated Sirius with a dog-like figure and viewed the star as either the source or the destination of a mysterious force. In Chinese and Japanese astronomy, Sirius is known as the “star of the celestial wolf”. Several aboriginal tribes of North America referred to the star in canine terms: the Seri and Tohono O’odham tribes of the southwest describe the Sirius as a “dog that follows mountain sheep”, while the Blackfoot call it “Dog-face”. The Cherokee paired Sirius with Antares as a dog-star guardian of the “Path of Souls”. The Wolf (Skidi) tribe of Nebraska knew it as the “Wolf Star”, while other branches of knew it as the “Coyote Star”. Further north, the Alaskan Inuit of the Bering Strait called it “Moon Dog”.

How our solar system works :

Planets orbit Sirius A (sun) and our Sun orbits Sirius B. Sirius B being the brightest star in the sky in the sector of Cancer right in the Gemini and every 24,000 years Sirius A and B go round each other in clock wise motion. Since last couple of thousands years both are going far from each other and now they have turned to corner and heading towards each other.

Sirius A and Sirius B

Present Situation

At this moment we are moving away from Kal Yug (iron age) because Sirius A and B are at corner away from each other. This affects the consciousness of mankind because we have hundred percent consciousnesses when the two are near to each other.

Sat Yug 100% consciousness
Tret Yug 75 % consciousness
Dwapar Yug 50 % consciousness
Kal Yug 25 % consciousness

Level of Consciousness

We have not enjoyed full consciousness, abilities and powers we had once before since a long time.
As the Sirius turns corners and heads towards each other we have turned the corner from the dark period (age) because the sun had been pulled apart and its influences has been weakened and therefore our consciousness has dropped and we are in the dark ages and now they are pulling towards each other bringing us to a higher consciousness and that’s nature.

We are locked in series of cycles and its duty of every citizen that when they are ready to discover their awareness and to take control of themselves.

During this time many will realize the truth and many will just go into darkness and continue on that path. We are moving away from Dark Age and those who like it they want to keep it that way. They do not want to change because they are afraid of light. They are afraid of people waking up.

During 2012-2014 the bad will use its full force to keep the light away and those people who wish for darkness will vanish with it.

The biggest weapon used to control people is fear through fear they make people slaves. If people don’t have freedom they have to become some sort of slave. What we should not be is slaves of politicians and media there are only 2 things about news papers that you can rely on which is price of news paper and the date.

Because this is how they control our consciousness through fear. Right from our birth we are constantly manipulated and confused with contradictory information and we are pressured to believe it otherwise we will be condemned or eradicated.

We are in a time where Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, politicians destroy freedom, universities destroy knowledge and media destroy information that’s where we are.

Politicians don’t want low class people, well educated or critical thinking people because that’s against their interest, they just want slaves.

If you are influenced through fear you are relating to the universe through your ego which is easily controlled and deceived. The main thing to fear is fear itself.

We are suffering from the effects of Dark Age. Just because we can choose what color clothes we want to wear that does not mean we are free because this is an illusion. The main stream media does not want us to realize that there is a mass awakening taking place.

We people realize that what they are doing is service (job) and that service is wrong. We are also too blame as much as they are because we allow it to happen but now it’s time for us to conquer all this by standing up against it responsibly. Everything is energy and energy is consciousness.

Sometimes people are in a ride which is of illusion and when consciousness people come near them and say “don’t worry it’s just a ride” people kill or shut that person because they like to be in that ride of illusion.
We are atoms (units of god).

Since 300 years science is based on 2 false assumptions 1. Everything is separate from everything else and 2. Our experiences of thoughts, feelings, belief and emotions don’t have any effect on the world beyond our bodies. This is why scientists are disconnected from the reality.

Every decision which you take, takes you in a different direction hence whatever decision you take, take it with consciousness and everything is changed. Just know who you are.

Manuvantar :

This cycle from Sat Yug to Kal Yug and from Kal Yug to Sat Yug is an ongoing process which is eventually going to end after 14th Manuvantar.

Mahapralay (end of 14th Manuvantar)