Everything in universe is made up of Vibrations. ‘Veda’ means jnana, knowledge, as we all know. It has in it all the knowledge from cosmology to physio psycology, from matter to energy, etc., Vedas are shabdha pradhana, ie., sound dominant than the ‘artha’ the meaning. Gods created the daivi vaak (the divine spell) that is the ‘omkara’ and this was spelled by all the animals on this earth. Element either represents sound and so it is clear that life came into existence from shabda tatva.

Omkara is the root or the beeja rup of sound. It is a known fact that there exists a point at which the space-time curvature becomes infinite. And from this point the whole universe came into existence. Just like that the whole universe is believed to have come in to existence from the omkara. This is represented by the bindu in the Shri Chakra, which can be termed as pivot point which is the mool (root cause) of the srushti (creation), which is the Pranshakti, the Shrishtikarti.

Vishwam ie., the universe is shabdha pradhanam, sound dominant. This is the truth, which is lately accepted by modern scientists.

Hans Jenny

A scientist named Hans Jenny performed experiments using sound frequencies on various materials such as water, sand, dust, liquid plastic and milk. Dr Jenny placed the material on a metal plate attached to a crystal oscillator which was controlled by a frequency generator capable of producing a wide range of vibrations. He then filmed and photographed what happened on the plate. He coined the term Cymatics , which is derived from the Greek ‘kyma’ meaning ‘wave’, and ‘ta kymatica’ meaning ‘matters pertaining to waves’.

Dr. Jones invented a machine called tonoscope with which he was able to interface human voice to the vibrating plate directly. His observations and experiments proved that sounds, also thoughts which are the subtler forms of sound bring up a change in the environment! In the process of his observations, when ‘Om’ was chanted into a microphone, the result obtained was just the shape of Shree Chakra is astonishing. This was demonstrated by the image mentioned below :

Mandala shri yantra obtained when OM was chanted by a human voice