The genealogy in Sumerian King list is atleast 2900 B.C. old and the Sumerian King List is c. 2112 – 2004 BC years old.


The oldest book of Vedic Arya is Rig Ved which is said to be between 1500 - 1200 BC. This shows that between Sumerian King List and Rig Ved there is a gap of 584 - 837 BC years.


According to some people, the Purans were written between 5th and 7th BC while some say that the oldest Puran which is Matsya Puran was written between 200 - 500 CE.


The descendants of Krishna Dwaipayan (Ved Vyas) who lived in Iran tried to explain concept of time through calculation of Manuvantar. The original time calculation we can find in the Mesopotamian (Iraq) branch of Arya's whose names are mentioned in Sumerian King List.


Since there is a huge time gap between Sumerian King List and Purans it is possible that the descendants of Krishna Dwaipayan (Ved Vyas) possibly did not know the names of Sumerian Kings and they only had calculations with them, hence they changed the names, created a story and wrote in it what they remembered. Brahma was used as a title for Brahmins.


Mr. Veli Albert Kallio in his research has connected ancient Sumerian calculation with calculation given in Manuvantar which is given below in two parts.

1. Sumerian Kingship and Cosmic Time
2. The Cultural Exchanges and Diffusion
3. Puranic Version of Manuvantar