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Vedic Aryans are Sumerian Aryans.


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To know about starting of Robe in different religions we have to study one the ancient Vedic Aryan scriptures known as Veds.


Since, for guidance we are left with one of the oldest scriptures in the world known as Veds, when we search in the Veds we get the answer on how wearing robe started in different religions.


There are total 4 Veds :

AD calculated from 5 August 2021
Rig Ved 1500 - 1200

4 days, 7 months and 3,520 years to

4 days, 7 months and 3,220 years

Sam Ved 1200 - 1000

4 days, 7 months and 3,220 years to

4 days, 7 months and 3,020 years

Yajur Ved 1200 - 800

4 days, 7 months and 3,220 years to

4 days, 7 months and 2,820 years

Atharv Ved 1000 - 900

4 days, 7 months and 3,220 years to

4 days, 7 months and 2,920 years

Above dates are related to completion of Veds.


a. Rig Ved :


1. Rig Ved Mandala 1, Sukt 113, Mantra (Hymn) 1242 written by Kuts Angiras :

2. Rig Ved Mandala 5, Sukt 29, Mantra (Hymn) 3854 written by Gauriviti Shaktya :

Translation :


Indra, accept the prayers which now are offered, accept the new prayers, Mightiest! which we utter. Like fair and well-made robes, I, seeking riches, as a deft craftsman makes a car, have wrought them.


3. Rig Ved Mandala 5, Sukt 52, Mantra (Hymn) 4086 written by Shyavashva Aatreye :

Translation :


Fair-gleaming, on Parusni they have clothed themselves in robes of wool,And with their chariot tires they cleave the rock asunder in their might.

4. Rig Ved Mandala 9, Sukt 71, Mantra (Hymn) 8331 written by Rishabh Vaishwamitra :

Translation :


The guerdon is bestowed: the Mighty takes his Seat, and, ever-Watchful, guards from fiend and evil sprite. Gold-hued, he makes the cloud his diadem, the milk his carpet in both worlds, and prayer his robe of state.

5. Rig Ved Mandala 9, Sukt 71, Mantra (Hymn) 8332 written by Rishabh Vaishwamitra :

Translation :


Strong, bellowing, he goes, like one who slays the folk; he lets this hue of Asuras flow off from him, Throws off his covering, seeks his father's meeting-place, and thus makes for himself the bright robe he assumes.

6. Rig Ved Mandala 10, Sukt 85, Mantra (Hymn) 9672 written by Surya Savatri :


Translation :


Raibhi was her dear bridal friend, and Narasamsi led her home. Lovely was Surya's robe: she came to that which Gatha had adorned.


7. Rig Ved Mandala 10, Sukt 85, Mantra (Hymn) 9695 written by Surya Savatri :

Translation :


Give thou the woollen robe away: deal treasure to the Brahman priests. This female fiend hath got her feet, and as a wife attends her lord.


8. Rig Ved Mandala 10, Sukt 85, Mantra (Hymn) 9701 written by Surya Savatri :

Translation :


The fringe, the cloth that decks her head, and then the triply parted robe, Behold the hues which Surya wears these doth the Brahman purify.


b) Atharv Ved :


1. Book 1 Hymn XVII :

Those maidens there, the veins, who run their course in robes of ruddy hue, Must now stand quiet, reft of power, like sisters who are brother-less.


2. Book 2 Hymn XXIX :

Drest in like robes let these two drink the mixture, wearing the Asvins' form as an illusion.

3. Book 3 Hymn XII :


Clad in thy robe of grass be friendly-minded, and give us wealth with goodly men about us.


4. Book 5 Hymn I :


He who - the fluid gold, with radiant kinsmen - to fervent glow delivered up thy body, On him both set names, that shall live for ever: to him the regions shall send robes to clothe him, As these have gone to their primeval station, each gaining an imperishable dwelling, May kissing mothers of the bards' beloved bring the pole-draw- ing husband to the sister.


5. Book 5 Hymn VII :


To her mine homage have I paid, Nirriti with her golden hair. Auspicious, with her golden hue, pillowed on gold, the mighty one To this Arati clad in robes of gold mine homage have I paid.


6. Book 7 Hymn XXXVII :

With this my robe, inherited from Manu, I envelop thee, So that thou mayst be all mine own and give no thought to other dames.


7. Book 9 Hymn V :


The five gold pieces, area light to light him, robes become armour to defend his body; He winneth Svarga as his home who giveth the Goat Panchaud- ana illumed with bountry.


8. Book 9 HYMN X :


She with her shrilling cries hath humbled mortal men, and turned to lightning, hath stripped off her covering robe.


9. Book 14 Hymn I :


Give thou the wollen robe away: deal treasure to the Brahman priests.

10. Book 14 Hymn I :


The Brahman takes away the robe as a fair thing that brings good luck.


11. Book 14 Hymn I :


Tvashtar, by order of the holy sages, hath laid on her Brihas- pati's robe for glory, By means of this let Savitar and Bhaga surround this dame, like Surya, with her children.


12. Book 14 Hymn II :


My body that I hold most dear trembles in terror at this robe. Tree, make an apron at the top. Let no misfortune fall on us.


13. Book 18 Hymn II :


This once and at no other time hereafter in a lengthened life: Cover him, as a wife, O Earth, covers her husband with her robe!


14. Book 18 Hymn II :


This is the robe that first was wrapped about thee: cast off the robe thou worest here among us. Go, knowing, to the meed of virtuous action, thy many gifts. bestowed upon the friendless.


15. Book 18 Hymn IV :


On thee doth Savitar the God bestow this vesture for thy wear. p. 204 Clothe thee herein, and find meet robe in Yama's realm to cover thee.


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