As being of Angiras (Ali) line having Gautam (Gaudumu) lineage (Gotra), I was searching for the origins of Angiras and Gautam since 2018. In the year 2021 I found a Pdf of Lieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell in which he has mentioned about the origins of Angiras line and many other things.

The first Pdf that came in my reading was "The Indo-Sumerian Seals Deciphered". When I read first few pages I shutdown my computer and went to sleep because I knew what was going to come in front of me and how much heavy it's going to be. When I woke up I had 3 choices 1st that whatever he has written is false, 2nd whatever he has written is half truth and 3rd whatever he has written is truth but, the basic question which came to me was that just by reading few pages how can I come to any conclusion?

Hence I had to read his entire book. When I started to read his book I was getting one after another shock because all the things which I have learnt till now, what all I believed in till now and what all I considered as truth was all falling apart in front of me and whatever Lieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell wrote in his book was followed by concrete evidences.

His book was of special interest to me because it covered the History related to my Ancestors.

After completing his book I came to know that he had written many other books but since I was searching only for my Ancestors I have only read the Pdf of my interest which I am giving below for download.

In Indian records as well as in his research there is no information above Angiras (Great Grandfather of King Gautam).

Sumerian King list :

According to Sumerian King list - 1 / Sumerian King List - 2, Gautam / Gaudumu (Gu-udu-mu-mu) name is mentioned as Pu'annum / Pu-Annum. He was the 6th Sumerian King in the First Dynasty of Kish (after c 2900 B.C.) who ruled for 840 years (840 years does not mean ruled for 840 years rather it can also mean that his descendants ruled Kish for 840 years).

Assuming the date of 2900 B.C. when we calculate till August 2021 we get 4920 years and 7 months which is the time period of existance of King Gautam.



Kish is modern Tall al-Uhaimer, ancient Mesopotamian city-state located east of Babylon in what is now south-central Iraq.

Zababa (possibly also known as Zagaga) was patron deity associated with the city of Kish, near Babylon.

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Accuracy of Rig Ved :

AD calculated from 5 August 2021

Rig Ved

1500 - 1200

4 days, 7 months and 3,520 years to

4 days, 7 months and 3,220 years

Sam Ved

1200 - 1000

4 days, 7 months and 3,220 years to

4 days, 7 months and 3,020 years


1200 - 800

4 days, 7 months and 3,220 years to

4 days, 7 months and 2,820 years

Atharv Ved

1000 - 900

4 days, 7 months and 3,220 years to

4 days, 7 months and 2,920 years

Above dates are related to completion of Veds.

Lieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell in his book "The Makers of Civilization in Race and History" mentions Parushni River as Euphrates.

Rig Ved also records an incident about Gautam's presence on River Parushni (Euphrates) along with Maruts / Amorite / Morite / Amurri / Amurru / Amurra or Martu.

Rig Ved also quotes Maruts as the son of River Parushni (Euphrates) which means that they were born on the banks of River Parushni (Euphrates).

As Gautam was the 6th King of Kish which is located between Tigris and Euphrates River we come to know the accuracy Rig Ved.

Rig Ved Mandala 1, Sukt 85, Devta (God) Marudgan (marut), Mantra (Hymn) 936 by Gautam Rahugan :

Another Translation

Grown to their perfect strength greatness have they attained; the Rudras have established their abode in heaven. Singing their song of praise and generating might, they have put glory on, the Sons whom Parushni (Euphrates) bare.

Rig Ved Mandala 1, Sukt 85, Devta (God) Marudgan (marut), Mantra (Hymn) 945 by Gautam Rahugan :

Another Translation

They drave the cloud transverse directed hitherward, and poured the fountain forth for thirsting Gotama. Shining with varied light they come to him with help: they with their might fulfilled the longing of the sage.

Rig Ved Mandala 1, Sukt 89, Devta (God) Vishvadeva, Mantra (Hymn) 975 by Gautam Rahugan :

Another Translation

The Maruts, Sons of Parushni (Euphrates), borne by spotted steeds, moving in glory, oft visiting holy rites, Sages whose tongue is Agni, brilliant as the Sun,-hither let all the Gods for our protection come.

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Early Ancestral Homeland of Angiras / Ali Dynasty :

The early Ancestral homeland of Angiras or Ali, Thor or Indra, Aryans or Sumerians is in the Danube Valley.
The son of Angiras (Ali) named Ucathya (Alf) was of the wolf tribe, the Seafarer Wolves and the Seafarers were Swans the Red.
Angiras (Ali) lineage was of Sun Worshippers the Symbol of Sun was Cross + and Swastik. For invocation of Sun, Hawk or Eagle was used as a symbol.
4. Gautam / Gaudumu was a King and Sage.
The first Location of Thor or Indra (Great Grandson of Angiras or Ali) is located in Troy in the Troad district of Mount Ida bordering Dardanelles in North-western Asia Minor. It is said that Thor or Indra came from Danube Valley in Middle Europe to Troad district and established first civilized state at Troy.

This Eddic account of the coming of King Thor, Dar or Ad (or "Adam"), and his establishment of civilization, is profusely illustrated by Early Sumerian and Hittite sculptures and engraved seals, and is further confirmed by the ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek and Indian traditional records detailed in the Appendix. And it is of especial Gothic significance that the Sumerian and Hittite portraits of the first king and his men and women-folk represent them usually in Gothic dress and wearing the horned hat of the Goths, Early Britons, Anglo-Saxons and Norsemen of the Viking period.

Thor civilized the aboriginal tribes from Troad but many also from Middle and Eastern Asia Minor as far as Lake Van in Armenia and even from Eden itself.
From here on Thor or Indra annexed Phrygia or "The Land of Lions" on the east to the borders of Cappadocia. Here he encountered Amazonian Warrioresses from Eden.
After this Thor or Indra conquered Cappadocia (east of Phrygia) up to Euphrates and down through the Taurus to the sea board of Cilicia and established new chief capital at Vidara or Pteria (at Boghaz Koi) in the heart of Cappadocia which he called Himin or Heaven (in Sumerian records it is called Land of Uz, Osk or Oku, Ukh or Uz. This place includes his judgment-hall, his Rowan apple "Tree of Life", Ygg-Drasill as symbol of Sun and established Baptism as the initial rite into his Sun-cult.
Next Thor or Indra is Enthroned on the Hill of Eden (Carchemish, Jerablus or Jorovelli) to signalize with his victory over Eden with the speech he made on that occasion.

The Edda is in agreement not only with the Sumerian versions but also with the ancient Hittite sculpture actually found on this Hill of Eden at Carchemish which represents King Dar, Tur, Thor or Indra enthroned there.

And it was from this advance post of King Adam-Thor's Cappadocian empire, at the head or northern end of the Euphrates plain, that King Thor's son "Cain" (Daksh) descended in the twelfth year of his reign (c. 3336 B.C.) into Mesopotamia of the Chaldees and annexed and civilized it down to the seaboard of the Persian Gulf building as his chief Mesopotamian capital the city of Enoch (Unuk or Erech) on the Euphrates and so named after his son and successor, the third Aryan or Sumerian king.

And his epoch-making advent into Mesopotamia is now disclosed to be what Assyriologists have called "The Coming of the Sumerians" though who the Sumerians were, what was their race, where they came from, and what their date, have hitherto been all alike unknown until now disclosed.
From here the Aryan empire was established in Kish, Mediterranean Coast, Lofar which is in the valley of Sarus river of Eastern Cilicia flowing down to the famous sea port of Taurus and Asia Minor, Britain, Syria, Anshan (Persia), Indus Valley (Sindhu), Khamaesshi Land i.e. Egypt (Kham or Ham), Syrio-Phoenicia, Arabian Sea-Lands, Arabian Coast and Read Sea to Sinai, Muru or Amorite land in Northern Syria, Baluchistan and Mekran, Oman, Sea-Port Magan, Agadu, Elam, Amurru Land i.e. Land of Amorites including Palestine, Uruki (Ur or Erech), Tianu (The Western or Amorite Land), etc.
Above few Maps are also provided so as to understand the locations mentioned by Lieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell.
Most of the clay tablets, seals, jewellery, coins, death amulets, possibly coffins, etc. related to descendants of Angiras / Ali are at present in British, American, French and German Museums.

It can also be possible that from many of the above mentioned things only few are kept for public display and other things are kept hidden.
The first official migration of Aryans from West to ancient India happened in 7th century B.C. due to devastating and annihilating war of extermination waged by the notorious Semitic Assyrian king Sargon II. The Assurs mentioned in Veds are Assyrians and they even at present live in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The wars between Aryans and Assurs (Assyrians) happened in Iraqi Kurdistan. Assurs are children of Danu and Sage Kashyap. Danu was daughter of Daksh / Cain / Bacchus and Panchajani. Danus sons are also known as Danav.

The reason why Assurs are called Assyrians is because they worshipped Assur and lived in Assyria (not to be confused with Syria).

To know more about Assurs Click here.
The second official migration of Aryans into ancient India took place during Arab invasion.

In ancient times Kings were Priest and had many names and titles. The reason why we cannot find any stories regarding childhood of Rishis (seers / Sage) in India is because they lived in West and all the incidents of their life happened in West. They were Kings in West and when they retired they possibly settled in East. More than Purans I personally find Veds more reliable and most of the incidents recorded in Veds happened in West.

I have written as many names and titles as I can find his books and on the basis of the information provided by him I have prepared Angiras Family Tree which I am providing on this page for download. Those who are going to read the Pdf written by Lieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell will need to first go through the family tree and various names and titles of Kings Pdf so as to avoid any confusion.

I have tried my best to write names, titles and prepare family tree as best as I can but, as a human being I too can make mistakes.

Regarding Family Trees :

As being part of Gautam lineage I already knew few names of descendents of Gautam which I have added along with the name of Kakshivan's daughter called Gosha. This name I found from Rig Ved. I have added this information along with the names provided by Lieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell and prepared 1st family tree which is Angiras family tree.
From internet I found Akkadian Kings family tree. This again is important because it starts with Sargon's father hence, I made Akkadian Kings family tree and merged it with Angiras family tree which is made on information provided by Lieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell in his books.
Lieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell also mentioned name Brutus stating that he is descendent of Zeus i.e. Narishyant but his family tree is not mentioned hence, I searched information from internet and from the information which I got, I made 2nd family tree on that basis called "Brutus Family Tree". This family tree is also based on mythology.
It was of my personal interest to find how Alexander the Great and Persian Kings are also descendants of Zeus i.e. Narishyant I from the information available on internet prepared 3rd family tree called "Alexander the Great and Persian Kings Family Tree". This 3rd family tree is based on Mythology which I found on internet and contradicts "Angiras Family Tree" made on basis of Lt. Col. Waddell's book but, here the idea is to show ancestral lineage of Alexander the Great and Persian Kings with Zeus.
Whenever you find any contradiction in family trees provided, consider "Angiras Family Tree" to be genuine because it is made on basis of facts provided by Lt. Col. Waddell's where as other family trees are provided on the basis of Mythology just to show ancestral lineage.

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Sumerian and Mesopotamian Religion and Deities :

Here, I have given information about Sumerian and Mesopotamian religion and deities from different sources. There are many places where I disagree and hence I have removed those portions.

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