It is said that Brahmins were created so that they might instruct mankind. This was why they were considered the highest of the four castes, as they had the most to do with intellect. Since, it was recognized that knowledge is the only thing that remains with a person throughout life Brahmins as teachers were duly respected.

The Brahmins conducted the daily rites like the purification ceremonie's, sacrifices and taught the Ved'ss. Their life was divided into four stages (Brahmacharya for studying, Grihasth as a married man and householder, Vanaprasth for performing penance in a forest and Sanyas for renouncing worldly attachments). Brahmins had to maintain a strict code of conduct and exemplify ideal behavior. Since they were the teachers, preachers and priests they had to be proficient in sacred knowledge through the Ved'ss.

The Shatapatha Brahmana declares that there are two kinds of divinities: gods and Brahmins who have learnt the Ved's.

Brahmins come under Aryans. To know in detail about Aryan Brahmins, Hinduism, etc. Click here.

One of the most prominent Brahmin dynasty is of Angiras. To know more about Angiras dynasty and starting of Brahmins Click here.


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