10. Vyas Surname :


Khyber Pass - Takshashila (Taxila) - Naimisharanya

According to the Kavyamimansa of Rajasekhar, the kingdom-territories of the Gurjar-Pratihar monarch Mahipal I extended as far as the upper course of the river Beas in the north-west.


Gurjar-Pratihar dynasty is of Agni Vanshi Rajputs (saka / shak) who were from Sistan, Iran. Since we had a ancient alliance with them we moved towards North India from Iran.


At present times people move from one country to another for economic purpose but during those times people moved for security reason also and if you see the route we have always been under protection of Agni Vanshi Rajputs.

While Travelling the Beas River also known as River Vyas on the name of Sage Vyas in Mahabharat. In Pervious times Surnames came from Profession, River, Village or State.

From Beas River it is highly possible that we adopted Vyas Surname as we stayed there for few years.


Surnames did not exist during the time of Chanakya (371 B.C).


River Beas


River Beas

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Iran and India was under continuous attacks of Arabs.


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