When I (Dr. Gaurav A. Vyas) was talking to my uncle Mr. Tushar P. Vyas he he had heard his father Mr. Prataprai Vadilal Vyas talking to my Grandfather Trambaklal V. Vyas in which Mr. Prataprai Vadilal Vyas said that our family had come from Iran or Iraq to India.


Mr. Tushar P. Vyas also said that he met a priest of Gautam Gotra who said that all the descendants of Gautam Gotra have come from Iran or Iraq.


This made me search for our family roots in Iran and Iraq. I am not trying to put a claim but when we start connecting the dots there is a strong evidence of our Iran or Iraq roots.


In research like this the most important thing is root "the starting point". The starting point of Gautam / Gaudumu Gotra (lineage) Vyas family is Sage Angiras / Ali.


Sage Angiras / Ali was the grandfather of Gautam / Gaudumu.


There is a lot of material available which I have kept on our website. I got this evidence from Lieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell books, Vedas, Mahabharat, Rajput History (Agni Vansh), Avestan and Yasht (Zoroastrian Scriptures), Shahnameh, etc.


We can extract the important points from the above texts and scriptures and connect the dots to our possible ancient family roots in Iran.


All the above written texts and scripture is there in our website and I will keep on adding its link on the pages because if I try to include every information here on this page then it will be confusing and I want to make it as simple as possible.


Before going in the roots there are few important points which we should remember in our mind :


Gotra : Gautam,
We are from Angiras clain meaning Angiras (Ali) → Utathya (Alf) → Drightamas (Rahugan / Damuzi) → Gautam (Gaudamu)
Gautam children's
3 sons of Gautam / Gaudamu were Vamdev, Nodha Shatanand and 1 Daughter Anjana (mother of Lord Hanuman) (there can be more children's)
  I am not aware about Nodha's son
  Vamdev's son was Brhadukth
Shatanand → Satyadhriti → Sharadwaan → Krip (Kripacharya) and Kripee (married to Dronacharya).
From Naimisharanya located in Uttar Pradesh we came to Gujarat in the year 993 A.D.,
We came to Gujarat to perform pran pratishatha of his palace called Rudramahal located in Siddhpur. He had invited 1000 Brahmins from North of India,
We are known as Audich Sahastra Brahman where Audich means North in Sanskrut and Sahastra means 1000,
Mulraj Solanki gave us Chatral village as gift and hence we are also known as Chatrala Vyas and,
Mulraj Solanki was Agni Vanshi Rajput.


Now, we will move further step by step covering basic topics :


2. Mazda, Devta and Asura worship
7. Rajputs
8. Mulraj Solanki and Vyas family of Gautam / Gaudumu Lineage
9. Possible migration root of Vyas family of Gautam / Gaudumu Lineage
10. Vyas Surname
11. Reasons for coming to Naimisaranya