6. Mahabharat :


Moving forward we come to Mahabharat in which we find links between Kripacharya who fought along with other clans :


Kurukshetra Day - 1


Kurukshetra Day - 2


Kurukshetra Day - 3


Kurukshetra Day - 4


Kurukshetra Day - 18


Now we will focus on different Parv of Mahabharat with refrence to Kripacharya / Gautam and Dirghtamas / Angiras :


Adi Parv :


Book I Chapter 59


Book I Chapter 61


Book I Chapter 98


Van Parv :


Bhishma Parv :


Book VI Chapter 20


Book VI Chapter 47


Book VI Chapter 52


Book VI Chapter 68


Book VI Chapter 91


Karn Parv :


Mahabharat Book VIII Chapter 44


Mahabharat Book VIII Chapter 51


Suptik Parv :


Shanti Parv :


Book 12 Chapter 49


From the above points we can summarize that :


During the Rig Ved time our Ancestors fought against the Iranians and other kings,
In the time of Mahabharat Gautam / Gaudamu's descendant Kripacharya fought along with Iranians, Sakas, Kiratas, Yavans and the Pahlavs, took up his position at the northern point of the army.
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