Everything is Vibration

As mentioned before in Vibrations Part - I everything in universe is made up of Vibrations. Even Crystals, a metal pen and the chakras of our body have frequency.

Digital Multimeter :

Digital Multimeter

Select a Digital Multimeter showing Hertz and Voltage. Select DC Volts and put the two points (black and red wire points) on Crystals, Precious Gemstones, Metal Pen, etc and it will show you the DC Voltage.

You can put the 2 points of Digital Multimeter on your body where chakras are located and it will show you its frequency. After this compare the frequency of your chakras with the frequency of chakras given in the chart in our website and you will come to know which chakra of yours is imbalanced, negative or positive.

In Hinduism it is said that "kan Kan Meh Ishwar Hai" which means that God is everywhere. We humans have divided God in different religions but the fact is that God is energy which can be seen in each and every particle.

Somewhere we need to change the way we think about Religion and God.